We are a Toy manufacturer, designer and wholesale supplier and distributor of plush toys, stuffed animals, teddy bears and textile articles in Mexico. 

The idea started as a hobby that emerged from the need to offer personalized plush toys but with new materials, quality boutique items and colors that there wasn’t in the domestic market.



Founded in 2013 by a Mexican woman is now one of the brands that are becoming well known in the domestic market and abroad in countries like the United States and Canada.

  • We are a Registered Trade Mark by IMPI the Mexican Institute for the intellectual and industrial property. 

  • And a Registered Trade Mark by WIPO the global forum for the intellectual property services, policy, information and cooperation.
  • We are a certified company by Secretaria de Economia to use the logotype Made in Mexico(Hecho en Mexico).  

Authorization code:  04153

  • We have the quality and assortment of fabrics and colors that you need.
  • We have great variety of imported and domestic plushes and for the development of your plush toy or product.